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They carried small, valuable things like gold and diamonds. (Sec 2, Unit 9) Are the two adjectives in the right order?
Sender Gamal
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Yes, they are. While the order of adjectives is not 100% fixed, usually size comes first and material last. Valuable does not neatly fit into the usual categories shown in tables of adjective order, but it makes more sense to talk about valuable things that are small than small things that are valuable. The order of adjectives here is good.


ed. 26/12/15



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Sender  Gamal

I think opinion, which is represented by “valuable” here, should come first, shouldn’t it?

Editor’s reply:
I already told you the order is OK. Usually size comes first of all. It would be possible to say valuable small things, but I really think small valuable things sounds a lot better. As I said in my reply above, the order of adjectives is not completely fixed.

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